What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process of digitizing all project information to serve the design, construction, management & operation process, and support for related parties AEC experts and experts (architecture, engineering, construction). The information in the BIM model provides a much more intuitive look than simple 2D and 3D drawings, which are made up of intelligent models with lots of information, changed and updated. Throughout the project development process, data is centrally managed, saving costs, time and limiting risks. BIM applications in construction investment projects bring many benefits to investors, consultants, state management, construction contractors and state management in construction.

Laser Scanning Technology / Scan-To-BIM

Laser Scanning is a technology that uses lasers to collect and digitize projection components such as building conditions and object convert to point cloud data. Collected data is highly precise and fast. Scan data can be easily transformed into a BIM model in accordance with the actual state of the construction, minimized errors when modeling by traditonal way time and cost savings. With the BIM model and data Point Cloud, investors, contractors and stakeholders can easily gather all project information, surveying, quality control, update construction progress and supervision.

Scan to BIM by Portcoast BIM

PORTCOAST BIM Center is the subordinate units of Portcoast Consultant Corporation (PORTCOAST), established based on practical needs in construction industry in recent times in order to researching, applying new technologies to the company's construction activities as well as providing services to partner units. Portcoast BIM Center specializes in researching, applying, developing and providing technology services in the field of building information models (BIM) and high-tech techniques (BIM and SCAN-to-BIM) applied to construction activities.

The Portcoast BIM Center is currently researching, applying and providing services in key segments:

To bring the best service to customers, Portcoast BIM Center has invested in the most modern equipment to research and apply in practical construction. The current equipment which we the company owns: Leica ScanStation P50 (long range), Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scaner, FARO Laser Scanner S350-A, FARO Freestyle 3D X, FARO ScanPlan, UAV Stormbee,...

Portcoast 3D Laser Scanning Services
Portcoast 3D Laser Scanning Faro & Leica

We are proud to have a young, dynamic, enthusiatic team and always advance in exploring, researching and applying new technologies in the world to the construction industry. We provide our customers with top BIM technology solutions that optimize the value and improve the quality of projects, especially in Scan-to-BIM.

Portcoast 3D Laser Scanning Services