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3D laser scanning technology is a method for creating a 3D digital model of an object or space by using a laser to scan and collect data on its size, shape, and other characteristics. During the scanning process, the laser scans the entire surface of the object, collecting backscatter signals to determine the position of points on the surface. The result is a dataset of 3D points that can be used to create an accurate 3D digital model of the object. This technology is widely used in many fields as it helps to reduce time and costs compared to traditional methods and improve project efficiency.

The scanned data is used in many fields, including:

  • Design and construction: Scanned data is used to create 3D digital models of a construction site or building. These models can be used for designing and planning construction projects or for managing ongoing construction projects
  • Cultural heritage preservation: Scanned data is used to create 3D models of historical and cultural monuments. These models help in the preservation of cultural heritage, research, and education in history and culture
  • Asset management: Scanned data is used to manage assets such as industrial parks, factories, highways, and other infrastructure. The 3D models of these assets provide detailed information about asset management factors such as the location, size, and condition of the assets
  • Entertainment and education: Scanned data is used to create 3D models of famous landmarks or impressive areas. These models can be used to create games, augmented reality applications, or educational products

BIM GIS Game Platform is a platform that combines Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographic Information System (GIS), and GAME Platform. It provides users with a comprehensive solution for managing geospatial assets, from individual construction projects to managing diverse assets across the entire region.

By utilizing the most advanced technologies to collect, manage, and analyze geospatial asset data, it allows users to create accurate 3D models of buildings, infrastructure, and land, while integrating data on geographic location, technical information, and asset management. By combining information from BIM, GIS, and GAME, this platform provides users with easy and quick access to geospatial asset management information, making asset management and maintenance more efficient.

The combination of BIM-GIS-Game Platform provides users with a comprehensive geospatial asset management solution, from data collection to analysis and asset management, making the process of managing and maintaining assets easier and more efficient.

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We provide digital conversion services in the construction industry. We research ways to apply digital conversion to the world of design and construction, creating a digital platform to optimize design, promote industrial construction processes, and use digital models.

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