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Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data using mapping sensors mounted on moving platforms such as cars, marine vessels or airplanes.

The mobile mapping system uses GNSS technology in combination with the Inertial Positioning System (IMU) to enable quick and accurate calculation of 3D position, velocity and continuous state. It is important that all GNSS/IMU position data are time-synchronized with the sensors to enable accurate and direct mapping of landscapes and objects. The advantage of the latest mobile mapping technology solution allows us to provide our customers with a cost effective way to conduct large scale surveys in a short amount of time.

Portcoast Digital Transformation Center has experience in performing mobile mapping surveys to collect 3Dpoint cloud, 360° photography, high definition video and thermal imagery for the route corridor.

Applications for Mobile Mapping:

  • Roads, Highways, Railway Systems and Waterways infrastructure management
  • Topographic surveys for large road projects
  • 3D digital database, serving smart city construction – Smart City
  • Airport runway & Taxiway surveys
  • Mapping quarries, tunnels
  • Topographical Surveys
  • GIS

Time-saving solution - Mobile mapping vehicles can collect data at speeds up to 50 mph, cover considerable distances, and collect large amounts of data very quickly without encountering trouble.


Mobile Mapping System



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