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12/09/2022 | ICSCEA 2021 | PDF

Error Assessment of Point Cloud and BIM Models to Actual Works

3D Laser Scanning technology is being widely applied in the construction industry 4.0 for promoting the digitalizing and BIM modeling procedure, also called Scan-to-BIM.

12/09/2022 | ICSCEA 2021 | PDF

Simulation of Vessel Collision Scenario Using Photogrammetry and 3D Laser Scanning-A Case Study at the Container Terminal

Currently, transportation on the waterway in Vietnam is being increased considerably to meet the booming economy’s demand. There are many river ports and seaports constructed within the two initial decades of the twenty-first century.

04/2020 | Journal of Construction | PDF

Application of augmented reality for simulating 3D model from point cloud and photogrammetry – A study case of construction site inspection

3D Laser Scanning technology and Photogrammetry has been widely used around the world with a variety of different fields and industries such as architecture, archeology, construction, and engineering.

01/2020 | Journal of Construction | PDF

Application of 3D Laser scanning technology in creating topographical surveying

Generally, the Laser scanning 3D technology applications in the construction industry in general and especially, in topographical survey, are now becoming popular in the world. In Vietnam, Laser scanning 3D technology is not so new, however, using it in construction surveying problems still meets some problems such as high price of equipment, processing software is too complicated, managing and transferring the data require a high skilled labor.

16/11/2019 | Journal of Construction | PDF

Integrating point cloud from 3D Laser scanning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipments in order to collect construction project information modeling

With the development of technology in the construction industry, data collection using 3D Laser Scanning equipment is becoming increasingly popular. In Vietnam, 3D Laser Scanning technology is gaining popularity and applied in construction projects.

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We provide digital conversion services in the construction industry. We research ways to apply digital conversion to the world of design and construction, creating a digital platform to optimize design, promote industrial construction processes, and use digital models.

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