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3D Laser Scanning

Portcoast Digital Transformation Center specializes in providing 3D Laser surveying services. We collect a large amount of field information in a very short period of time. The process works by capturing a series of high-definition 3D laser scans in situ that can be instantly processed for analysis.

Through the scanning process, millions of 3D points are recorded within seconds and a 3D point cloud is created. Full 3D data of pitch, measurements, coordinates, pipe diameters, and high definition images can be extracted with one click.

All data, once unified, can be sent to the client in this format. Additionally, Building Information Modeling (BIM) models can be created to enhance the data output, as 4D-capable parametric digital models. Other outputs include 2D drawings, 3D CAD models, animations, 360-degree images, and mesh models.

Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning services:

  • Cost and time savings are obtained through 3D laser surveying through calculation the rapid nature of data collection and reduce the risk of HSE being passed on to the client row. This is achieved through fewer on-site hours, minimizing disruption and downtime of facilities, environment and mitigation measures essential HSE prevention.
  • Fast data acquisition rate, from 3D laser scanner, allows for row recording million data points in seconds. This ensures that large environments have can be surveyed in a short period of time and makes 3D surveying reasonable Ideal for working on particularly time-sensitive projects, when the turnaround Fast is very important.
  • The 3D data collected through a very comprehensive scanning process, almost every detail details are recorded. Any omission is greatly reduced, with a very low risk of error small. The detailed documentation process also allows the 3D surveyor (and indeed end customers) access the sites virtually through instruction via pointcloud or interactive 360-degree image viewer. This again eliminates the need visit a “real” website when virtual visits are very real and easy to create condition.
  • The remote nature of documents from 3D scanners is ideal for hazardous areas or difficult to access. 3D scanners allow surveyors to capture the environment without need to access that area. This reduces the requirement for safety measures and health is costly and labor intensive as well as ensuring the safety of surveyors 3D.

As-built survey and conflict detection analysis, serving the upgrading process for industrial applications such as power plants, oil installations. Using point cloud data as a basis, we can offer a bespoke product tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Models based on 3D CAD (DWG, DGN, etc.) or database and intelligent PDMS model, etc.

3D laser scanning allows for data collection with much higher accuracy than other traditional methods, saving time and costs in surveying, monitoring, and documenting construction projects. It provides customers with a comprehensive, visual view of the 3D model of the construction, making it easy for them to detect issues related to the structure, mechanical and electrical systems, and safety of the project.

3D laser scanning provides customers with accurate and intuitive data on terrain, construction projects, and urban areas to create technical drawings and 3D models. It improves the management and planning process for planning, compensation, and resettlement projects. Additionally, 3D laser scanning is used in managing public assets and land assets through precise digital models of geographic areas.

3D Laser Scanning solution surveyors can measure with precision and high resolution any historical monument or building. Point clouds can be converted into 3D mesh models that can be archived in case structures are damaged and need to be restored to their former glory.

With point cloud 3D data facility managers can view high definition images of their facilities, add annotations to images, and measure distances on images. In addition, fully operable, wiring and piping maps can be generated, greatly reducing maintenance time. Built-in platform documentation illustrates tool and machine layout in an intuitive way so layout changes can be planned and implemented with minimal machine downtime.

3D Laser scanning technology is used in the process of surveying, construction and maintenance of traffic works such as roads, bridges, auxiliary works... including specific tasks such as topographic measurement, survey the current state of the road surface, calculate the asphalt concrete cross-section, calculate the volume of the surface asphalt layer, design and prepare the construction completion documents of the bridge, assess the current status of traffic works such as bridges and tunnels Restoration of historical traffic works.

Laser 3D scanning of accidents is the only way to reconstruct the environment with high accuracy. Data collected from ground-based scanners helps stakeholders quickly estimate costs and plan for troubleshooting.


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