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Topographical Survey UAV/Drone

Portcoast Digital Transformation Center specializes in providing surveying services to collect topographic data by UAV/Drone unmanned aerial vehicle. With LiDAR technology on the drone has simplified the whole surveying process, safer and cost-effective.

We apply this solution for topographical survey of land, buildings, construction sites, quarries, mines and highways, etc.

Applications of UAV/Drone surveying:

  • Land surveying
  • Urban planning
  • Precise measurements
  • Land management and development
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Slope monitoring

Benefits of UAV/Drone surveying:

  • Drones can collect high-precision data much faster than traditional survey methods
  • Data acquisition and processing by powerful software deliver the required output quickly. Our survey results can be sent to customers as soon as possible
  • The use of drones avoids the need for human access to hazardous, hard-to-reach terrain and environments without disrupting field operations
  • Digital data also allows easy data storage, retrieval and comparison in the Internet environment
  • Cloud-based data processing and analysis tools further benefit your team by enabling engineers, project managers, site managers, and subcontractors to perform measure and perform calculations on survey data using just a simple PC, laptop or even tablet computer, reasonable Internet data connection


  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Model 3D Mesh
  • Model 3D Point cloud

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